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‘What is special about place is not some romance of a pre-given collective identity or the eternity of the hills. Rather, what is special about place is precisely that throwntogetherness, the unavoidable challenge of negotiating a here-and-now (itself drawing on a history and geography of then and theres); and a negotiation which must take place within and between both human and nonhuman […] We come to each place with the necessity, the responsibility, to examine anew and to invent.’

Doreen Massy, For Space (2005)

I took part in a series of walks, shared readings and discussions as part of the Place, People and Time: Wild Ways international online residency project in October 2021. In response I made a series of small audiovisual works. I was particularly interested in documenting a shared walk I took at the same time as fellow resident and artist Clare McCracken, over 16,900km away in Melbourne, Australia. While I could walk freely, she was confined to her flat in another Covid lockdown.

The project was curated and facilitated through a new partnership between The Museum of Loss and Renewal (Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen, Collemacchia, Italy) and The Walking Library (Misha Myers, Melbourne and Dee Heddon, Glasgow) and is part of The Museum of Loss and Renewal’s ongoing Place, People and Time group residency series. Participants included practitioners and researchers working across creative disciplines and those with a strong interest in the investigation of site and place. These central areas of focus were used to develop, conserve, document, explore, explain, interrogate, plan, propose and present through a rich range of disciplines, activities and approaches.

An online publication was created to present and celebrate the individual practice, research and new collaborations generated during the month-long residency.

How to give a sense of the throwntogetherness of a place?